Life Insurance –  Our experience in all aspects of the life insurance business allows us to be a very valuable resource to our brokers.  Whether we are structuring large life insurance portfolios, underwriting difficult cases, or just making the entire process, from case inception to closure, easier – our brokers benefit from the depth of knowledge and resources available to them .  Some of our core life insurance offerings include:

Permanent Life Insurance – Whole life, Universal Life and Survivorship Life (2ndtoDie) are all utilized by our brokers to meet their clients’ personal, business, and estate planning needs.  We work with these products daily and are experts at their underwriting and placement with our carriers.  Equally as important is our ability to assist our brokers in developing their cases.  The ideas, strategies, and concepts that we bring to our brokers allow them to “stay current” with cutting edge ways that their clients can use permanent life insurance most effectively.

Term Life Insurance – We believe that term insurance has an important place in the insurance planning for many clients.  Our online quote service allows our brokers to research the market “real time” to find the most cost effective term insurance products available for their clients.  Of course, we always stand ready to assist with proposals and case preparation should a broker want us to create the proposals for them.

Disability & Long Term Care Insurance – As health insurance reform in our country changes the way we look at morbidity, it is important that brokers continue to have access to the best Disability and Long Term Care Insurance contracts available. Our access to information allows us to keep abreast of these ever changing products.

Fixed Annuities – Along with the current volatility of the equity markets comes investors “flight to safety”.   In many cases annuity products can provide interesting options to provide the safety that our brokers’ client desire.  We have a roster of annuity products and carriers that provide our brokers with the most appropriate products for their clients needs.  We also have access to daily updates in annuity rates and terms, as they are consistently fluctuating.